Earshot Communications Ltd is a leading supplier of communication equipment and a dealer of 3M products selling the full range of 3M Peltor products not only in the UK but globally.

Earshot Communications was a 3M Peltor Platinum dealer for all the years 3M Peltor ran this recognition, many others never met this 3M Peltor requirement on quality, service and prices and have never been able to display this logo, we are proud to have met and surpassed this high standard set by 3M Peltor and are proud to display this logo showing your dealing with a 3M Peltor company with a high reputation for meeting and exceeding 3M Peltor's requirements, the scheme may have ended around 2015 but we still today meet and surpass these standards even if the scheme is no longer run by 3M Peltor, we as a company are proud of this past and proud of our future history with 3M Peltor.

Earshot Communications supplies many public bodies such as the ambulance service, police service and armed forces as well as commercial organisations and individuals.

Earshot Communications managing director John Kelly has over 25 years experience in the communications industry and his experience is called upon by many companies especially in the aviation industry with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Easyjet, Ryanair and DHL all being customers. Airline handlers are also another sector where the expertise of Earshot Communications is widely used as not only are products supplied to Sevisair, Aviance, Gatwick Handling, Swissport, Aviator, Airbase Flight Support and Menzies but it’s the in house expertise and repair facility that is often utilised by these companies to repair and resolve equipment problems quickly.

It is not only aviation that utilises Earshot's expertise but anything industry that utilised headsets such as motorsport, construction, industrial, broadcasting and outdoor sports.

Earshot communications believe providing a good service also means implementing and working to defined procedures and it works and is audited to ISO 9001: 2015

If you have any questions regarding any 3M Peltor product or require advice in making a decision in choosing the right product for the right application then don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1903 610006 .